Opinion Ciatti Salone del Mobile 2012 STAIR.CASE

Italian furniture brand Opinion Ciatti has presented their new collection at Salone Internationale del Mobile 2012 Milano. My design; the Staircase cabinet is part of their new collection of 2012. For more information please visit their website by clicking on the image below. On their website you can also find contact details of their Agents.

D-day designveiling Heerlen

D-day asked me to participate in their event, I will be showing my work with 4 friends/colleagues; Jeske spee, Eline Simons, Ralf Frickel and Max van den Eijnden. For more information visit:

Photo's Designers Fair 2011 Cologne

The Designers Fair 2011 was great! We had workshops from Connie Werner, Alexa Lixfeld and others.

Designers Fair 2011 Cologne

My Liberty Lamp and Staircase will be exhibited at the Designers Fair 2011 from 17-23 January.
For more information please go to:

Design Academy Eindhoven graduation 2010

Group picture of the 2010 Graduates


I have received a lot of positive response on my Liberty Lamp during the Dutch Design Week. There were 2 interesting questions which were repeatedly asked.
1. Can I buy it?
2. Why is it called Liberty?
The answers:
1. It's not for sale yet, but I am working with a producer now to develop it and to put it on the market in 2011.
2. It's called liberty for multiple reasons, this is one of them:

Dutch Design Week - Graduation Galleries 2010

My Liberty Lamp will be exhibited at the Graduation Galleries 2010 of the Design Academy Eindhoven from 23 October until 30 October.
For more information please go to:

Dutch Design Week - Temporary Concept Store

My Staircase will be exhibited at the Temporary Concept Store from 21 October until December.
During the Dutch Design Week there will be special events like a workshop by MLY, fashion shows, dinners and parties.
For more information please visit the website of the Temporary Concept Store.
Temporary Concept Store

New website online

From 10 Oct. my new website is online, some of my old projects didn't make the cut. The projects shown on my website represent the values which are important to me as a designer.

New project Bamboo Pyramid

In collaboration with Matzform/HHD in Shanghai we have designed the Bamboo Pyramid. It's an object which will showcase the qualities of bamboo, as sheet material as well as a plant. The Bamboo Pyramid will be exhibited in several different places in Denmark.

Graduation Design Academy Eindhoven

I have graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with my Liberty Lamp and Staircase!

New product Liberty

Today I finished my latest new product: The Liberty Lamp. It's just a few days left until my Graduation!

Photoshoot Liberty Lamp

Today I took some photos of my latest product. I would like to thank Thomas and Bas for their help.

New product Staircase

The new and improved Staircase is finished. With special thanks to Van Hoecke/Blum and Bamboo solutions for their support and having provided me with materials to realize this project.

Staircase photoshoot

Last Thursday and Friday I took photos of my Staircase. Special thanks go to Yuya and Chizu.

Liberty Lamp in the making

Currently I am working on my second graduation project, 'Liberty'. It is a lamp that consists of 33 panels. In each panel LEDs are integrated, each panel can turn 180 degrees and the light intensity is adjustable.

Staircase in the making

At the moment I am working on my first graduation project called Staircase, it's a storage object, which focuses on using the height of our living space and provides a solution to making this height reachable.